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Chicken Dance Pose


Chicken Dance Pose is a balancing pose.  Balancing poses are great for building focus and concentration.  You can do balancing poses while seated on a sturdy, stable chair or standing barefoot on a yoga mat or other non-slip surface.*  When standing, practice near a wall or sturdy chair so you have something to safely hold on to in case you need help balancing. Balancing can be challenging!  Picking a spot on the floor or wall to look at while you are balancing can also be helpful.  Relax and breathe evenly while you practice this pose. Most of all, have fun!


1. Sit or stand using your Animooves Posture Points (they are described in detail on page 10 of Animooves: Yoga & Creativity Inspired by Animals): Align your knees over your ankles, make sure your hips are level, roll your shoulders back and down so they are in line with your hips, and draw your head and neck back gently to bring your ears over your shoulders.  


2. Extend your arms out to either side, like wings.


3. Gently bring your belly button in toward your spine.


4. Bend your right knee while you slowly lift your right foot off the floor. Hold for a few moments. Bring your foot back to the floor.


5. Repeat the movement with your left leg.


You can count out loud or sing while you balance on one foot. Put on some music and try alternating balancing on each foot and flapping your arms like wings to do your own version of the chicken dance!


*Children under the age of four might not be able to balance on one foot.  Someone can hold their hands while they lift alternate legs or they can try the seated option.










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photos used with permission from © 2015 Jeanine Boubli