Welcome to Animooves!  Animooves was created out of a love for animals, yoga-style movement, and creativity.  Animooves yoga may be done while seated on chairs or a yoga mat to help make these techniques accessible to a wide range of ages, environments, and abilities.  Animooves is designed to help keep our systems active even while we are seated. Animooves provides techniques to help balance the body, mind, and emotions.  We also expand the fun to include creative writing, games, animal facts and activities to help us learn more about farm animals and ourselves.  You might be surprised at how much we have in common! So, come along and bring your family and friends. Animooves is great for all ages!


Animooves: Yoga & Creativity Inspired by Animals

Written by Jackie Demeri Costello 

Illustrated by Michele Beckhardt-Lada